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Simplifying Energy Storage

Simplified Energy Storage

for every application
We are a supplier of innovative energy storage solutions. Our complete battery kits can be integrated into container solutions or as installation class systems.

Our complete solutions empower battery manufacturers and system integrators to build low cost, flexible and reliable battery solutions for any application in the commercial, industrial and utility field.

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Peak Shaving

Level out peaks in electric load in order to reduce energy costs. Reduce energy costs where increased grid consumption during peak times costs you more.


Stationary Storage

For installation class settings provide energy storage to store electricity from your sustainable sources



Second life applications can play a key role in reducing carbon emissions. The use of second life batteries reduces the load on the environment and acts as a smart means to recycling batteries.



Supply DC charging pillars directly from batteries to reduce grid load and reduce integration costs.

Mobil Power

Provide power to remote locations where it is needed. Replace outdated gas or diesel generator technologies for a mobile power pack.

Grid Stabilization

Buffer grid frequencies. Avoid grid expansion. Provide volatility for energy trading.


Industrial Applications

Supply your commercial or industrial machinery with the flexibility of stationary batteries. Reduce your company’s carbon emissions. Optimize your load consumption and improve energy consumption. Supply renewable power from sustainable self-generated resources.